Victoria Beckham Tolds Her RBF Fashions

Victoria Beckham, mold fashioner/symbol/partner, had a touch of something to state with her styles yesterday. Beckham touched base at Careless wearing a couple of dark pants, her mark RBF, and a shirt that made us (and likely VB, as well) smile―you know, within.

“I believe that is not entirely what I look like or how I truly am,” Beckham told a while back when we got some information about the unmistakable, unsmiling look she gives in pictures. “That is exactly how I respond when I’m in that circumstance. What’s more, that is alright. That is simply me.”

Furthermore, you are great.

On the off chance that mold has stolen your grin also and you need to inform everybody regarding it, the creator’s Victoria, Victoria Beckham Shirt is $150.